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Episode Sketches (downloadable .pdf files)
Title Project Description
Miss Olive's Pie Safe Cypress Pie Safe Octogenarian Olive Freeman lost her ancestral home and most of its contents during the 2005 hurricane, Rita. This pie safe, or garde-manger, was badly damaged, but recovered. Her . . . PDF
Martin Furniture Works Breakfast Table and Chairs Martin Furniture Works began in the blacksmith shop of Conrad "Coony" Martin in 1935. His son, Howard, made a simple set of wood furniture for his own use. Others liked it and asked him . . . PDF
Breaux Family Table Dining Table Francis Charles Webb was a respected residential building contractor in post WWII Lafayette until the middle of the twentieth century. He seldom built furniture for others, but could be coaxed by . . . PDF
Chiffarobe Chiffarobe Get a Cajun to tell you a story from his childhood and the two words "Ma-ma" and "chiffarobe" will probably get used in the same sentence at least once before it's done. This compact . . . PDF
Father Teurling's Rocker Rocking Chair Father William Teurling(s?), born in Tilburg, Holland in 1872, was instrumental in forming the infrastructure of the Lafayette area Catholic community. Respected by Jews, Catholics, . . . PDF
Gate-Leg Table Gate-Leg Table Gate-leg tables originally appeared in 16th century Europe, primarily in England. Now found largely in the Jacobian and the William and Mary styles and mostly of European origin, this space-. . . PDF
Gen. Mouton's Secretary Mahogany Secretary Mouton (1829-1864) was born in Opelousas, Louisiana, the son of former Governor of Louisiana Alexandre Mouton. After graduating from West Point, he resigned his commission and took a . . . PDF
Miss Lura's Table Pine Breakfast Table Martel Fuselier built this table for his daughter, Lura, as a breakfast table as she first set out on her own in 1945. Her youngest daughter used it as her first kitchen table when she began her . . . PDF
Porch Swing Cypress Porch Swing The iconic porch swing is not exclusive to Cajuns, but it's hard to find anyone in Louisiana who doesn't have fond memories of family and a porch swing. From the farmhouse to the town house . . . PDF
Prayer Kneeler - 'Prie-Dieu' French Prie-Dieu A prie-Dieu (French: literally, "pray [to] God"), also known as "kneeler" or prayer desk is a type of prayer desk primarily intended for private devotional use. Often found in churches of the European . . . PDF
Rougeou Family Table Dining Table/Love Seat Clyde L. Rougeou (1915-1980), born near LeCompte, Louisiana, received his B.S. degree from Southwestern Louisiana Institute (SLI, subsequently known as the University of Southwest . . . PDF
Fall-Front Writing Desk White Oak Secretary This hand-made English writing desk is dated 2/19/6 in the apparent handwriting of its builder. The cast brass hardware is marked "Made In England" and the pencil and scribe markings of its maker . . . PDF
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