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Viewer Involvement • Cajun Culture • Storytelling • History
Mesmerizing Videography • Woodworking/How-to

Making Traditions: Woodworking in Louisiana, a half-hour format television program, combines the culture of Louisiana, its stories and woodworking craftsmanship and presents them in a mix of viewer involvement, storytelling, history and how-to videography. Roy Couvillion uncovers the stories behind the pieces of furniture associated with that culture. The iconic character of the people of Louisiana is on display as they relate the stories of their ancestors to the fixtures sometimes taken for granted. The woodworking sequences engage curiosity as the piece construction is revealed and reduced to simple steps in a mesmerizing HD video production.

Making Traditions examines those pieces of furniture associated with images of days past. Their stories are told by those best able to tell them and then the piece is recreated in a modern home workshop.

Roy Couvillion is a mechanical engineer with an ancestral passion for woodworking. In the shop, Roy's competence and confidence are both obvious and contagious. Conventional and unique woodworking machines and methods combine with his engaging rapport in a seamless one-on-one viewer experience. As an interviewer, his disarming demeanor solicits an endearing performance from even the most anxious guest.

Pilot Episode
In this pilot episode, the family matriarch is interviewed. Mrs. Lura Schuff of Ville Platte tells the story of the breakfast table made for her by her father when she first set out on her own in 1945. Through the years, her children and grand-children used this table, and now her great-grandchildren consider it a fixture on Nana's back porch.

Roy then recreates the table in a step-by-step process that is informative and visually entertaining and relaxing. The finished product is reviewed and re-associated with the original story.

Target Audience
Family. This program has Multiple Demographic Appeal. The human-interest interview provides an "Everyman" familiarity. Not a strict instructional video, the construction segments are presented in a How-It's-Done format. Yet, the construction segments provide enough detail to garner the attention of the novice and expert alike. High definition videography and expert editing captivate the viewer.

Camera: Panasonic HVX-2700 P2 Varicam
Editing: Final Cut Pro workstation

© Copyright 2009-2013, Roy J. Couvillion. All rights reserved.